Interview for exposition 'BOEKEN & KOEKEN 2022', Arendonk, Belgium


Art installation for Kunst in het Dorp, Castle-monastery Ter Loo, Bellingen, Belgium
Sea creatures in the grass or a grassy plain as the sea. The lawnmower accentuates the absurdity and leaves the viewer questioning, is the lawnmower chasing the sharks or are the sharks chasing the lawnmower, are we in the grass with the sharks 'out of place,' or are we rather in the sea with the lawnmower as the absurd object? A surreal perspective on a real world...


New creature emerging from modern society in relation to the maritime world.
The combination of the shell and the blown-up plastic can also evoke a sense of irony or ambiguity. Shells are often seen as symbols of purity and pristine, while plastic is a material associated with pollution and its harmful effects on the environment. Bringing these two elements together, perhaps the artwork highlights the complexity of our modern relationship with the natural world.


Soundscapes for art installation, Kunst in het Dorp, Bellingen, Belgium


Art installation for Berlart, an art route in Berlare, Belgium
A striking sensation, that is the impression that the viewer gets when looking at this work of art. By making the tree part of the artwork, an abstracted pregnant form is created. This symbolizes Mother Nature pregnant with new life. And like any pregnant being, she is vulnerable. In the shape you will also discover a stylized diamond. The symbolism is obvious, nature as our most precious (heritage) good. Unfortunately, nature, just like the diamond, is increasingly the subject of human occupation and greed. The color red was deliberately chosen. In art, red and green are complementary colors. Red is the color of blood and love. Blood because it symbolizes new life, our love for nature but also the destruction by mankind. Red is, as it were, the color of our destructive love for nature.

Trees @ war

Art installation in private collection, Stekene - Belgium
Rebellion of nature against environmental terrorism. Art sculpture with soundscape, so turn volume on.

That party

Art installation in private collection, Stekene - Belgium
The spectator's imagination is the artwork.


Art installation for Kunst in het Dorp, Castle-monastery Ter Loo, Bellingen, Belgium
The castle monastery of Ter Loo has had various functions throughout history, including a boarding school for boys and socially difficult children. In the 'dormoir' you can still see traces of the claustrophobic 'chambrettes' where the children had to sleep. It is known from testimonials that the children were cared for with little empathy and love and for many this was an unhappy period in their lives.
The name of the art installation 'IN-SIGHT-OUD' refers to looking inside and gaining insight into the 'old' and the past but with an explicit link to the present, where young people who are 'different' all too often search in vain to find their place in society. Every tent-room is an echo of the past, where you step into the world and the brain of the child. The painting functions as an 'altar'. The piercing eyes, the expressive gaze of the children in the paintings are like a 'painful' figure of Christ on the cross. The red tent room is an ode to Roger Limbourg, one of the children from the boarding school in the 1930s. To this day, Roger is still tormented by the strict regime of the nuns. The purpose of this art installation is to offer the visitor a total experience. A visual, auditory and penetrating art installation. We enter a world where only fantasy, thoughts and art can still exist.