"The canvas is a limited space with unlimited freedom"

- Ann Verdonck -




Thank you for visiting my website. Here is some background information about me.

I started to paint from an intrinsic need. Therefore, I paint free from trends or dogma’s. To create something on canvas gives me a great self-satisfaction.

As a highly sensitive person, I channel my emotions and humor through my art. The process of painting comes naturelly. To paint is simply magical.

Born on the 2nd of July 1973 in Ghent, Belgium, I soon discovered the comforting passion for art, drawing and painting in my tumultuous childhood. I got my highschool degree at Sint-Lucas Highschool of Fine Art and later a Masters degree at the Academie for Fine Arts (KASK), both in Ghent, Belgium.

Discover my portfolio and upcoming events.

Exhibitions 2020 - 2021

SOLO-EXHBITION: 24 t/m 31 July, Karmelietenklooster, Ghent, Belgium

GROUP-EXHIBITION: 19 t/m 30 August, Artgalery Arttilia, Antwerp, Belgium

SOLO-EXHBITION: 4 t/m 14 March, Pastorie, Munte, Belgium

GROUP-EXHBITION: 20 t/m 21 March, Art-tour Van Eyck, Ghent-Ledeberg, Belgium

Most of my artworks are for sale

For more information or prices, please do not hesitate to contact me at ann_verdonck@skynet.be

AMBIGU #3. 100 x 100 cm – © 2020

Disruptive symbiotic painting showing the ambiguity of people and of life. Disruptive as a painting and for the viewer but it is also a symbiotic entity. Just as life is.

AMBIGU #2. 60 x 60 cm – © 2020

Disruptive symbiotic painting showing the ambiguity of people and of life. Disruptive as a painting and for the viewer but it is also a symbiotic entity. Just as life is.

AMBIGU #1. 60 x 60 cm – © 2020

Disruptive symbiotic painting showing the ambiguity of people and of life. Disruptive as a painting and for the viewer but it is also a symbiotic entity. Just as life is.

THOUGHTS. 30 x 40 cm – © 2020

Playing with thoughts while drinking a cup of tea.

LES SECRETS VISIBLES. 100 x 120 cm – © 2020

THE FUTURE IS CLOUDY. 50 x 50 cm – © 2020

With these uncertain times, corporate powers, climate changes… the future seems challenging for the next generation. 

BLONDEYE. 60 x 80 cm – © 2020

Belgian surrealism.

TROXLER EFFECT. 40 x 60 cm – © 2020

The Troxler effect is an optical illusion affecting visual perception. Stare into a mirror for several minutes and you may notice your face begin to distort. It could even morph into something downright scary. The protagonist is experiencing the Troxler’s effect, although we can only see his reaction. The distorted cellphone is a reference to the Troxler effect.

STILL LIFE. 40 x 60 cm – © 2020

Still life is a work with many layers and interpretations.

LE PENSEUR SANITAIRE. 40 x 60 cm – © 2020

TRAFFIC JAM ON THE HIGHWAY E17. 50 x 40 cm – © 2020

HENDRIK. 100 x 120 cm – © 2017

Good friend, pianist and a person with a lot of integrity. The focus are on his eyes and the way the hands are held.

Cronus vomiting his own spawn (Greek mythology) 80 x 60 cm – © 2020

About hunger for power. Cronus didn’t want his children to take over his powers, so he ate them, except for Zeus. Zeus was hidden by his mother Rhea who was also the sister of Cronus. Zeus tricked Cronus by giving him an emetic, which causes vomiting. When Cronus vomited, he expelled all of his swallowed children. 

 NIGHTLY BATHING. 80 x 60 cm – © 2018

Restore from sensory overload.

ANN VERDONCK NAKED. 40 x 50 cm – © 2020

Who is Ann Verdonck and what does he know about her?

HST. 50 x 50 cm – © 2019

 (Highly Sensitive Teen). Portrait of a highly sensitive teenage girl and how she sees herself as often misunderstood in a gloomy world. It is also an impression of the world around her, from a great chaos chock full of incentives. She is vulnerable and yet strong.

HIDDEN. 50 x 60 cm – © 2019

The subject is hiding itself… is it out of pain or out of embarrassment for its environment?

DAYDREAMER. 50 x 40 cm – © 2019

Just like the artist, the subject is totally absorbed in daydreaming and feels itself fading away from reality.

AUGUSTA. 90 x 65 cm – © 2019

Augusta means “sanctified, consecrated, exalted, honorable”. Mother and daughter lived many years in disagreement, without love. In the face of death all sins are forgiven and mother-daughter love revived. The meaning of the mothers name ‘Augusta’ becomes reality for her daughter.

UNMIXED. 100 x 150 cm – © 2018

The purity of the innocent child is symbolized by the pure white pearl necklace. “This child is a jewel”. The world around us, symbolized by the newspaper clippings, brings impurities and overstimulation and too many emotions… The innocent child turns her back to all this in order to safeguard herself.

THE SEA. 30 x 40 cm – © 2019

Vibrating colors, changing energy flows, constant movements… 

AGAVE. 50 x 40 cm – © 2019

The bright colors in particular, play a role in the experience of the artist when painting this version of an Agave.

FACIAL LANDSCAPE. 40 x 30 cm – © 2017

Every person carries it’s past, uphill and downhill. The face is a window through which we see a landscape shaped by life.

DUBIO. 100 x 100 cm – 2020

With prancing eyes, she radiates doubt. The open jacket and the little smile suggest another side of her, which accentuate the dubious and dualistic sides of people.

OLIVE TREES. 50 x 40 cm – © 2019

The constant vibrations, the energy and the continuous movements of olive trees through the soft warm breeze in the south of France, fire up the olive trees in this ‘still’ life. 

SELF-PORTRAIT. 60 x 50 cm – © 2019 

Painted on an existing painting of a typical Flemish parrish. The artist has consciously painted herself on the upside down canvas to show her disdain for the Flemish petty bourgeoisie in rural villages… although with love for her Flemish roots.

PEEPHOLE. 34 x 24 cm – © 2019

Lurking through a peephole… seeing without being seen.

(BENJAMIN) CLEMENTINE. 90 x 60 cm – © 2019

Benjamin Clementine is a self-made artist, singer and pianist, thinking outside the box… a self-recognition for the artist.

ENERGY. 50 x 40 cm – © 2019

An impression and expression of the energy waves experienced by the artist during painting.

NEIGHBOR. 50 x 40 cm – © 2018

Spying, peeping, observing, gossiping … from behind the curtain.

PSYCHOPATH. 120 x 160 cm – © 2018

Thanks to his enormous adaptability and manipulation skills, a psychopath can play emotions and be very charming to his ‘victims’, who are unaware when the psychopath strikes (mentally of physically). Question is wether the artist wanted to show the perpetrator or the victim.

SANDWICH-CHILDREN. 60 x 80 cm – © 2018

Painting for the book cover ‘Sandwichkinderen’ from Jamila Channouf. ‘Sandwichchildren’ are squeezed between their origins and their new home, often a few generations away. The face overflows or is torn between the Belgian culture, symbolized by the Belgian tricolor, and the Moroccan roots (green/red colors).