"The canvas is a limited space with unlimited freedom"

- Ann Verdonck -



Thank you for visiting my website. Here is some background information about me.

I started to paint from an intrinsic need. Therefore, I paint free from trends or dogma’s. To create something on canvas gives me a great self-satisfaction.

As a highly sensitive person, I channel my emotions and humor through my art. The process of painting comes naturelly. To paint is simply magical.

Born on the 2nd of July 1973 in Ghent, Belgium, I soon discovered the comforting passion for art, drawing and painting in my tumultuous childhood. I got my highschool degree at Sint-Lucas Highschool of Fine Art and later a Masters degree at the Academie for Fine Arts (KASK), both in Ghent, Belgium.

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Feel free to contact me: ann_verdonck@skynet.be