GROUP-EXHBITION 2018: Art-tour Ghent-Ledeberg, Belgium

SOLO-EXHBITION 2020: 24 – 31 July, Karmelietenklooster, Ghent, Belgium

FINALIST CONTEST ARTILLIA: GROUP-EXHIBITION 2020: 19 – 30 August, Artgalery Arttilia, Antwerp, Belgium

NOMINEE PAINTING OF THE YEAR 2020: Group exhibition Amsterdam, The Netherlands (expo cancelled due to corona)

STREET EXHIBITION ‘ART BEHIND GLASS’: 23 – 30 January, Ghent-Ledeberg, Belgium

FINALIST CONTEST KUS: GROUP-EXHBITION 2021: April – May, Urban exhibition Oud-Turnhout, Belgium

ACHTURENHUIS SOLO EXHIBITION: April – May, Ghent-Ledeberg, Belgium

FINALIST CONTEST KUNST IN HET DORP 2021: EXHIBITION 11 – 12 – 17 – 18 – 19 september, Bellingen, Belgium

SOLO-EXHBITION 2021: October, Pastorie, Munte, Belgium

GROUP-EXHBITION 2021: 5 – 7 November, Art-tour Van Eyck, Ghent-Ledeberg, Belgium

Here is some background information about me.
I started to paint fully in 2017. I paint free from trends or dogma’s. To create something on canvas gives me a great self-satisfaction.

I channel my emotions and humor through my art. The process of painting comes naturelly. To paint is simply magical.

Born on the 2nd of July 1973 in Ghent, Belgium, I soon discovered the comforting passion for art, drawing and painting. I got my Masters degree at the Academie for Fine Arts (KASK) in Ghent, Belgium.

” The canvas is a limited space with unlimited ultimate freedom”

Ann Verdonck   –  T: +32 (0)496 52 10 38

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